The Character Mariana

In the Story…

Character Description: Mariana Hernandez is Miguel’s mother. She was Alice’s best friend and lives in a mental institution reliving, day after day, the day she watched Alice die. When she sees her son, a spark comes back into her eyes, gaining the nurse’s attention. Will she overcome her past?

In Real life…

Mariana with her kids at Race for a Cure

Mariana, a childhood friend of the author’s, is a mother of 4 children. She has a 6 yr old daughter named Gisela, a 5 yr old son, Derrick, and 3 yr old twin boys, Jayden and Jonathan.

She loves working as a sonographer and in her free time, Mariana spends time with her family and as a hobby, enjoys running. She loves running and training to beat herself in races. So far, she’s completed 2 half marathons and will start training for her 1st full marathon in the summer. One half marathon she’s raced in was ‘Race for a Cure’.

Interesting fact:

  • In the story, Miguel, is the character’s son. In real life, the real Mariana, has a cousin named Miguel–the very person he is named after…

Why the author chose her name, Mariana, to represent the character:

Running a half marathon

The character, in this story, represented a person with the ability to care for and love family and friends unconditionally–unfortunately, causing great emotional distress for themselves.

Unlike the character, the real Mariana, was born in a large family, where they did and still do many things together–fortunately, causing them great happiness.

Please Note: The actual events and actions taken by the fictional Mariana are not true and do not represent the real Mariana, Heather’s Turn, is a work of fiction.

Other books where her name appears:

  • Tina Richards Series, books 2, 4, 7, 8, The Mission, Payback, Escape & The Experiment.
  • “Don’t Give Up,” Said Mom

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