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The Novel Line Up

So far, I’ve decided on the following stories in the Carnies Series:

Heather’s Turn
(the first novel introducing you to the lead characters)
(The tragic love affairs of the lovely Alice–yes, Talon was not the only one!)
Shiesha has plans for herself but so does everyone else…
Patten Lane
(James’ Story…”I’m not Heather”.)
Disloyalty Runs Deep
(Miguel realizes just how much Heather and Talon are alike. Can he forgive her and move forward with their relationship?)
(Alice told you the good stuff–now it’s Talon’s turn to tell you the rest.)

What is a Blue Pit Bull?

There’s various types of pit bulls. I found some interesting information on Blue Pits here. They also have a definition about the American Bully breed as well.