Heather: Heather Williams is an orphaned carny freak who lives at a traveling carnival with a retired clown. When she tries to help a fellow carny, Heather is forced to leave the only home she’s ever known, along with some of the other carnies, to live in our world. Heather soon learns, finding a place where she’s accepted–just isn’t easy…


Shiesha: Shiesha Ivy is the daughter of Patch Ivy, one of the carnival kings, and the late Kelly Ivy, who was brutally murdered in a hate riot back in the ’80′s. She lives in the traveling carnival with her father, has a special gift when it comes to learning and taking care of others. Her father, Patch, is in charge of most animals on the grounds. Shiesha is who they go to when there’s a medical problem with one of them–or even a fellow carny. She wants to be a doctor and possibly even a veterinarian.

Teacup: Teacup is a blue nosed pit bull. She becomes Heather’s pet. She is named after the spinning teacups at the carnival where Heather lives…

Mr. Pritchard

At the carnival:

Mr. Hyatt
Mr. Carl
The Bones
Senor Reine
Patch Ivy
Mr. Saggy Bottom


Charlie Boyette
Mr. Crestman
Mrs. Levine
Mr. Henry
Younger Mr. Pritchard
Officer Levine


Mamaw Avis
Papaw Herbert
Carlton Bowens
Ebony Bowens
Christian Bowens
Gladys Williams
Mrs. Williams
Rosemary Collins
Earl Collins


Carolee Rose
Mariana Hernandez: Mariana Hernandez is Miguel’s mother. She was Alice’s best friend and lives in a mental institution reliving, day after day, the day she watched Alice die. When she sees her son, a spark comes back into her eyes, gaining the nurse’s attention. Will she overcome her past?

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