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The Inspired Florida Home

Here is a picture of me inside the home that inspired Heather’s Delray Beach Home! I’m standing in front of the kitchen and to your right (before the door) is where Mamaw Avis and Talon have their heart to heart conversation. This was my friend’s house for many years!

Heather’s Florida Home


The Gas Stove Scene

When I first moved out on my own, I kept feeling like their was gas leaking from my stove. Maybe there was–or not ;o) I think I was just letting my imagination get away with me. Either way, the thoughts created an excellent addition to my ever growing story, Heather’s Turn… This is the stove that inspired the ‘fire’ caused by Mr. Pritchard.

The tiny gas stove

Mr. Pritchard’s Trailer in Mobile, Alabama


When the Carnies reach Mobile, Alabama, they’re forced to live in a tiny trailer owned by Mr. Pritchard. When you walk in, to the right, is a love seat and lazy boy chair. To the left, a 2 person table and tiny kitchen. Then, past the table, a hallway leading to a bathroom and bedroom. The inspiration behind Mr. Pritchard’s trailer was actually my very first home!!! Here, in the pictures below [minus the bugs–that was an add in ;o) ] you’ll see the resemblance!

The living room. See the love seat? Also, barely, you can see the lazy boy chair under the a/c unit, along with my beach chair since I did live in Florida!

If you’re on the sofa, see the carpet, you have the kitchen, 2 person table and the long narrow hallway that leads to the bathroom and bedroom

Look how small! The door to the right is the living room and to the left the 2 person table where Shi and Charlie do their homework, where family discussions take place, etc.

What is a Blue Pit Bull?

There’s various types of pit bulls. I found some interesting information on Blue Pits here. They also have a definition about the American Bully breed as well.

The Character Teacup

In the story….

A Blue Nosed Pit Bull

Character Description: Teacup is a blue nosed pit bull. She becomes Heather’s pet. She is named after the spinning teacups at the carnival where Heather lives…

In real life…

Teacup is the author’s mutt mixed with German Shepherd and Teacup Yorkshire. She loves to run and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Teacup was originally named T-bone by her first owner (teacup because instead of being a teacup Yorkie she’s a teacup shepherd!) and she is petrified of cats! Teacup is now ten years old but as energetic as ever.

When Teacup was little she chewed anything and everything. This is why she wears a metal collar. It’s the only one she can’t eat through! (She’s been known to eat right through a flea collar too.)

She can sit, roll over, play dead, ‘high five’, shake, take half a cookie, walk on a leash without the leash–right at your side! One of the best dogs the author has ever owned!

The Character Shiesha

In the Story…

Character Description: Shiesha Ivy is the daughter of Patch Ivy, one of the carnival kings, and the late Kelly Ivy, who was brutally murdered in a hate riot back in the ’80′s. She lives in the traveling carnival with her father, has a special gift when it comes to learning and taking care of others. Her father, Patch, is in charge of most animals on the grounds. Shiesha is who they go to when there’s a medical problem with one of them–or even a fellow carny. She wants to be a doctor and possibly even a veterinarian.

Shiesha in real life…

Shiesha with her boys

Once an elementary school classmate of the author’s, Shiesha is now a 32 year old, proud, mother  of 2 boys aged 11 & 5,  “which are my life”. She currently resides in the same city with which the carnies visited in Florida, unlike the fictional character, Shiesha was born and raised in Delray Beach.

Interesting Facts:

  • The street, Reigle Avenue, is in the same neighborhood where Shiesha lives.
  • The Women’s shelter is real and in her same neighborhood.
  • …so are the railroad tracks.
  • The actual house that inspired the one the carnies lived in, still stands, currently vacant, just a few streets over from Reigle Avenue.

Why the author chose her name, Shiesha, to represent the character:

The character, in this story, represented a person with determination and humor. No matter what life threw at the fictional, Shiesha, she did not allow it to derail her from what she wanted. Her heart never changed despite everything she suffered and she never lost the ability to enjoy life–even in her darkest moments.

Going places, just like her character

The real Shiesha, as a kid, always laughed and appeared to enjoy the good moments, even if others around her didn’t.

Please Note: The actual events and actions taken by the fictional Shiesha are not true and do not represent the real Shiesha, Heather’s Turn, is a work of fiction.

Other books where her name appears:

  • The Tina Richards Series, book two, The Mission.

More Photos of Donkey

Here’s two more photos of my grandparents’ donkey. He is a gorgeous guy! But, he will nip at you if given the opportunity. I didn’t stand too close. ;o)


The Donkey from Batesville, Mississippi

The Donkey from Batesville, Mississippi

My sister Marsha with the Donkey who inspired “Donkey”