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The Gas Stove Scene

When I first moved out on my own, I kept feeling like their was gas leaking from my stove. Maybe there was–or not ;o) I think I was just letting my imagination get away with me. Either way, the thoughts created an excellent addition to my ever growing story, Heather’s Turn… This is the stove that inspired the ‘fire’ caused by Mr. Pritchard.

The tiny gas stove

Mr. Pritchard’s Trailer in Mobile, Alabama


When the Carnies reach Mobile, Alabama, they’re forced to live in a tiny trailer owned by Mr. Pritchard. When you walk in, to the right, is a love seat and lazy boy chair. To the left, a 2 person table and tiny kitchen. Then, past the table, a hallway leading to a bathroom and bedroom. The inspiration behind Mr. Pritchard’s trailer was actually my very first home!!! Here, in the pictures below [minus the bugs–that was an add in ;o) ] you’ll see the resemblance!

The living room. See the love seat? Also, barely, you can see the lazy boy chair under the a/c unit, along with my beach chair since I did live in Florida!

If you’re on the sofa, see the carpet, you have the kitchen, 2 person table and the long narrow hallway that leads to the bathroom and bedroom

Look how small! The door to the right is the living room and to the left the 2 person table where Shi and Charlie do their homework, where family discussions take place, etc.